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Fund Purpose
Provides support to the Harrison County Parks Department to fund any expenses in connection with the nature reserve known as Indian Creek Woods.

Fund Story
The Indian Creek Woods Fund was established in 2010 by Samuel P. Hays, and it provides support to the Harrison County Parks Department to fund expenses in connection with the nature reserve known as Indian Creek Woods. Here, Sam shares why he decided to establish the fund.

I am a walker. Walking has been an important part of my life – from the time I earned a Boy Scout walking merit badge to walking to my job as an adult. My wife, Barbara is also a walker; she has walked a mile each morning before breakfast and has walked the 10k Bolder Boulder for ten years. I want to encourage others do so as well and discover the joys of walking and nature.

So it is with this endowment that I would like to promote walking through the creation and maintenance of foot paths that people can use to explore the flora and fauna of Indian Creek Woods. I further envision those interested in nature leading trips through the woods passing on the wonders of nature to others in Harrison County.

Indian Creek Woods was originally part of a farm bought by my father, Clay Hays around 1930. He used the farm as a cattle pasture and to raise crops in the bottom lands. I remember walking the land frequently as a young boy and even camping there one night with my Boy Scout troop only to discover a curious cow poking her head into our tent – and she was as scared as we were!

I later inherited the farm from my father and in 1969 donated the land to the people of Harrison County for recreational use. The land west of Indian Creek in known as Hayswood Nature Reserve and has open spaces for shelters and areas where families can enjoy a slightly more developed area for gatherings, picnicking and fishing. The east side of Indian Creek, known Indian Creek Woods, is heavily wooded and has a different vision of a minimally developed area for the enjoyment of walking and nature study. I would be delighted to see the various footpaths already established extended to provide a continuing, inviting system of trails that would be the identifying mark of the Reserve. Here one would go for a short few minutes of peace and quiet or longer periods of relaxation or exploration of the trails end to end.

It is with this focus on walking that I have established the Indian Creek Woods endowment to provide funds for the use of creating and maintaining a system of trails which emphasize the enjoyment and experience of walking.

Fund Impact
2013: To complete the loop trail south of Indian Creek and opposite Hayswood Park
2017: To support trail renovations, including barn and house removal

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