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Clicking "Donate Now" will allow you to make a gift online to this fund through the Harrison County Community Foundation. If you would like to provide your gift by check instead of by debit or credit card, please send your gift to our office at P. O. Box 279, Corydon, Indiana 47112. Additionally, gifts of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, agricultural products, real estate, insurance, and estate plans are also accepted. Please contact us at 812-738-6668 for more information.

Fund Purpose
Provides support to the Corydon Presbyterian Church to further the charitable or other exempt purposes of the agency, primarily to provide for maintenance or capital improvements.

Fund Impact:
2003 - Officer training
2005 - Contribution for hurricane relief efforts
2007 - Support of the mission work of the church
2011 - Camp Pyoca capital improvements
2013 - Camp Pyoca capital improvements
2015 - Supported the charitable purposes through the Random Acts of Kindness Fund, Veterans of Harrison County, other emergency relief funds, and church maintenance programs
2016 - Supported operations of Corydon Presbyterian Church
2017 - Furthered the charitable programs of Corydon Presbyterian Church to include maintenance and capital improvements; supported maintenance and repairs

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